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A Lower Bar For Parenting???


How many times does an HR recruiter ask a potential hire how they do in parenting? Some potential questions by a recruiter to a parent:

1) Do you regularly ask your child how their day was? And then not just stop at that question while hoping they can answer with an "OK" and you can move to your already opened WhatsApp conversation - but you persist on that line of questioning.

2) How many times per week, do you play outside with your child? Do you bike with your child or play badminton or perhaps just walk around the neighborhood? Not only that but you REALLY REALLY enjoy that time?

3) How much time does your child spend/waste on their phone/TV/iPad, or computer doing aimless senseless wasteful activities? Do you question them about it? Do you try to stop it with your actions/words/heart - as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised us, in that order, to promote good/stop evil?

If a parent gives below-par answers to the above questions (and more), do they still get hired? If yes, why would the recruiter not care that the parent is not a wholesome person?

There are people in this world that reached the pinnacle of their careers and they might have ignored many dimensions of other relationships. Or there might be people that Allah just created perfect and they achieved an A+ rating in their work and relationships. However, the real focus of this article is the people who give their best to one side of their life and not to the other AND (this is important 'and') think it is alright to do so. And the recruiters who wouldn't give a #@$#% about it.



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