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And You See People Entering Allah's Religion In Multitudes!!!

When the help comes from Allah, and victory (is granted),
and you see people entering Allah's religion in multitudes,
then extol the praise of your Lord and pray to Him for forgiveness. For He indeed is ever disposed to accept repentance.

The above is Chapter 110 of the Quran. In its first applied context, it refers to the Conquest of Makkah where the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came back to the city of Makkah in 629CE - a city where he and his companions were tortured/persecuted/killed and removed from 8 years ago. However, in the larger context, Chapter 110 is a prophecy of the future where people will enter the one true Religion of God in hordes and multitudes.

That was indeed the scene at East Plano Islamic Center in Plano (EPIC), Texas where I had the blessing to witness three Shahadas on Friday, September 15, 2023. Shahada is the testimony of faith where a person converting to Islam (more correctly referred to as reverting to Islam since every person is considered to be born Muslim) professes to believe that a) There is no god but Allah and b) Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah.

The following video contains the footage of the 1st Friday Khutba (sermon) given by Imam Nadim Bashir of EPIC. At the 38:10 mark is the first Shahada that I witnessed yesterday.

The 3rd Khutba of Friday was delivered by Sheikh AbdulRahman Idris. At the 34:57 mark after the sermon are the two other Shahadas.

There were young men that I witnessed this past Friday but there are all types of demographics that come to EPIC to take their Shahadas. Shahada doesn't need to be taken in front of people in a masjid and can be done privately. You would discover from the stories of the men who took the Shahadas this past Friday they had already done so in their private lives, as well. However, it's good to take Shahada in front of a community since then everyone greets you and there are more chances of people helping out and mentoring.

Islam is the fastest growing religion on earth and people are entering it from all faiths, ages, and both genders. Surah Al Nasr, Chapter 110's Prophecy comes true every day, SubhanAllah!!!


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