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Congruence Between Brain/Body and Same-Sex Hormones/Neuropeptides

After COVID, I have started reading a lot of stories of people that are Transgender. Being a Muslim, a Chaplain and a Neuroscientist propels me to seek a solution that is aligned with science and religion. Homosexuality is a sin in Islam (and prohibited) and hence my interest is further increased to seek a healthcare solution. So far the affirming care just seems to be cross-sex hormones. I would like to know why not same-sex hormones?

Photo by JAFAR AHMED on Unsplash

During the preliminary research that I have done on the topic (please see my article on the harmful effects of alcohol on a developing fetus) — I have realized that there are TWO distinct processes that determine a person’s gender. a) Sexual Differentiation of Genitalia (in the first two months of pregnancy) b) Sexual Differentiation of Brain (in the second half of pregnancy) Consuming alcohol while pregant can severely mess up the alignment between the Sex of the Brain and the Body. I am sure there are other medical reasons that could mess up this alignment as well. I have yet to research what effect COVID or COVID vaccines had. I am not an endocrinologist — however, it seems to me after reading multiple stories here on Medium, that for the Transgender: the Brain is NOT aligned with the Body The main treatment that I see under the category of Gender Affirming Care are cross-sex hormones — but to me these hormones push the brain further away from the genitalia. Is there a regimen where the Sex Differentiation Center in the brain could be repaired where the body not only receives a regimen of same-sex hormones to correct a deficiency — but also neuropeptides like Kisspeptin bring the brain to the levels necessary to maintain congruence between brain and body? I wonder if the Big Pharma wants this congruence. I feel they have a lot to gain from the incongruence between brain and body? Just around me, I have noticed — just in a year, two centers pop up that provide surgical removal of body parts. I consider it exploitation in the form of expensive mutilation — the surgery prices are outrageous. I am sure that many people would define Congruence Between Brain & Body to have body parts removed to match the brain, but that’s just artificial after all — the body can never be fully altered from one sex to another. So why not, look into the science on how to maneuver the brain to match the body? What is there to lose?

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