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Corruptor or Reformer

Quran says in Chapter 2 (Surah al-Baqarah), Verse 11:

I think of this verse on numerous occasions when I see a bunch of citizens in argument over who is doing the right thing, while tackling an issue where people’s opinions are on the opposite ends of a spectrum. We have a homeless man by the name of Sean Baugh in Dallas, TX. He rides a bike and carries a few pets namely a dog. The dog wears sun glasses and a hat. Sean supposedly does tricks with this dog and asks people money for it. Sean had a dog in the past, referred to as Lamby or Lamb of God, who bit a few people. Lamby was court-ordered to be put to death but some animal welfare organization saved her life. Subsequently, Sean had another dog that died. To my knowledge, Sean has not been charged with animal cruelty or animal endangerment. Sean has since moved to Plano, a Dallas suburb. Now, every other day, some neighbor on a neighborhood platform app, that I am on, shares a picture of Sean Baugh somewhere in Plano, with his dog, either in a stroller or a bike basket or running along with him. Police gets called on him often with accusations of animal endangerment. However, Sean doesn’t get arrested — yet people legally-speaking keep slandering him with various crime accusations — he stole a dog, he killed a dog, he commits cruelty against a dog, etc. Neighbors also plan to steal his dog. So who is the ‘corruptor’ and who is the ‘reformer’ between the homeless man with a dog with hat and sunglasses, who has never been charged with a crime, or the people who plan to commit a crime against him?



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