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How Medium Suspended Me Over Writing Against Puberty Blockers for Transgender Kids

I started writing in Medium over a year ago. I haven't published a lot except the past month where I have become extensively involved in the debate related to the medical treatment of someone that has Gender Dysphoria. I have been regularly publishing content that shows that Gender Dysphoria could be related to the harmful affects of alcohol consumed during pregnancy. As it turns out, there is sex of the 'gonads' and then sex of the 'brain'. The sexual differentiation of both occurs at different times and the mothers who consume alcohol messes up BIG TIME the alignment between the two.

Obviously, the staff at Medium doesn't like this theory. They want people to continue with the false premise that the being Transgender is not pathological, and that it has no other solution but to have young people consume puberty blockers, then cross-sex hormones and then ultimately mutilate oneself. If that was not the case, they wouldn't keep suspending me but allow other people to continue with the puberty-blocker/cross-hormones/organ-mutilation theory. Here is the 'last straw' that suspended me - response to someone that was suggesting puberty-blockers be readily available to young people having Gender Dysphoria:

Your suggestion is irresponsible. There are biological reasons for which a person’s homeostasis is affected and they experience gender dysphoria. Alcohol abuse by a pregnant mother is shown to damage the sexual differentiation process in the brain thus making a person feel a gender in the brain differently than their gonads. That process needs to be identified and corrected instead of bombarding the body with another set of chemicals with its own set of side effects and devastation.

Here is where I got the first and only warning:

These are the parents that brought this human life to earth and who saw in the hospital if they had a boy or girl. Just like if the child tells us that they are a unicorn and we are not going to accept and believe it – in the same manner, anything else than the truth shouldn’t be left uncorrected. Gender Identity Disorder is a pathological condition and people need to get therapy.


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