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Free Palestine Rally in Dallas, Texas

Bismillah iRahman iRaheem - Masha'Allah thousands of people from all faiths, races, ages, and demographics turned up to support Palestine. As we talk, the Apartheid State of Israel is trying to make the last-ditch effort to nab Gaza. Israel has been settling illegal settlers on Palestinian land since 1948. With $158 billion dollars given to Israel so far, they are the largest recipient of US foreign aid. Using the terrorist organization Hamas as an excuse, Israel is trying to expel Palestinians from Gaza by turning off their light, water, and food. The USA and many European countries are complicit in the theft of Palestinian land and genocide of the indigenous people of Palestine. We started at the Dallas City Hall - the same city hall whose members passed a resolution to stand with the Apartheid State of Israel a few days ago. We moved through the city and arrived back at Dallas City Hall. The video is of the last segment.

An analogy of the current situation in Israel would be:

You live in a little town.
A group of settlers arrives in your town and asks you to let them reside in your town.
That group of settlers slowly and gradually becomes armed with help from rich allies.
You get limited to a smaller portion of your own town while the settlers create big walls around them where you can't enter.
You start living like 3rd-class citizens on your own land which has now reduced to a portion of what it was originally.
You struggle for food, water, and medical supplies from charities outside of your town.
The settlers keep bombarding you.
A strange group of people with face coverings arises within you. You don't trust them however, they claim to represent you. If you question their motives, they put a bag on your head and shoot you dead.
This strange group sort of attacks the main group of settlers but it doesn't really do anything for you except bring more bombings on you.
Finally, this strange group that you can't identify since they always wear masks supposedly attacks the settlers and does some large-scale damage that no one can verify. Most of it is proven lies and misinformation.
The settlers turn off your light, food, and water and want you to leave your town. If you don't leave, you will be killed.
The rich allies support the settlers and don't care whether you live or die or whether you are completely turned out from where you lived for centuries.
The rich allies find faults with the towns around you that don't wish to take you as refugees but not with the settlers that have stolen your land, killed you, and turned you out.


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