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The World Stands Up For Palestine! And Why you shouldn't support Zionist Newspapers!

Bismillahi Rahman iRaheem. There has been an outpouring of support for the Palestinian cause. You don't hear it in the media like NY Times or Washington Post and for obvious reasons. They will label everything pro-Palestine as pro-Hamas because obviously, they don't want billions of dollars in cash and ammunition, in aid to Israel, to end.

Israel is on a land-grabbing spree and it's every Zionist's dream to make Israel succeed in doing so. Palestinians have to vacate their land and Zionist settlers have to come in. Gaza has to be Israel's - more houses for the settlers next to the Mediterranean. The Israelis forget that it was the Red Sea that ate up the Pharaoh and his followers during the Exodus. The Israeli government doesn't practice Judaism in its honesty as Rabbi Weiss said. They think that they will steal and kill and stay unpunished. Allah watches and may Allah bring Justice to the Apartheid State of Israel. A'meen.

There was a time I used to live in Virginia and there was an ANSWER rally called March to Pentagon, that was attended by thousands of people. Israel was busy bombarding Gaza. The year was 2009. I attended the rally with our family, masha'Allah. However, the next day when I opened up my copy of Washington Post, the only coverage it had of the rally was an under-exposed picture of two men in keffiyahs. I canceled my subscription to the Washington Post the same day and have never looked back. I never read NYT or WaPo or any Zionist newspaper for any serious coverage of any world event. Please cancel your subscriptions and subscribe to Intercept and Al-Jazeera instead. Insha'Allah!


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