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Zionists took down my account on TikTok since I reported that Hamas works for Israeli occupation forces

Yesterday, on May 29, 2024, I created a set of content on TikTok asking questions about the possibility of weapons reaching Gaza when, in fact, no food can reach Gaza until Israelis allow it. 

How has Hamas been getting weapons for the past many months when, in fact, the Gazan population lives in an open-air prison, barricaded on all sides, and has had problems getting food?

The Israeli Hasbara department responded with all of the possible ways that Hamas could receive weapons. I poked holes in all theories. After that, a series of frivolous Community Guidelines Violations notifications started in the afternoon and lasted until 3 am when I went to sleep. I appealed all of them, and my videos started getting restored; however, I guess the Zionists stayed active well beyond 3 am and got my account down.

Israelis becoming so upset to ban my account leaves no doubt in my theory that IOF runs Hamas since the Hasbara didn't want my subscribers to start ascribing to that theory.

My account at 6 am was permanently blocked at TikTok. I have appealed it. However, I think Zionists have taken over TikTok.

Hey, Hasbara stooges,

Hasbun Allahu Wa Naimul Wakeel!

The last victory will be of Allah. I was leaving on a road trip Friday, insha'Allah, so I will try to enjoy that more since my TikTok account is down.




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