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One True Deen, LLC's purpose is to bring positive change in this world. Each one of us is Khalifah of Allah on Earth and each one of is instructed by God and by God's Prophets to 'Enjoin Good and Forbid Evil'. Join us in our causes insha'Allah. 


Texas faces rapid deforestation and conversion of farmlands due to lack of relevant laws. Please save these forests and farms.

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Keep Texas civil. People should not converge in public spaces and engage in group sex. It's against the law - it brings disease - it's against God's covenants. 

Masajid should not hold events which damage the Muslim self-identity of our youth. Holding Roaring 20's themed Hollywood-style music/dancing events in Islamic Centers, that take our Sadaqat and Zakat monies, is unacceptable. Furthermore, push these institutions to publish their financials. Ask them for audits.

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