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Going back to normal life insha’Allah!

Zionists shutting down my account is a bit of mercy too. Since October 7th, I have been involved at LinkedIn and subsequently at TikTok against the genocide. And oh yeah, I protest October 7th as well.

Before all of this happened, I had dreams to buy a farm, raise some goats and chickens and do counseling on the side. But I saw some farm lands - some infested with crawfish and then our masjid needed a donation so the farm plans were put off.

My badge of honor is that I got banned at Medium, then at LinkedIn and now at TikTok. I can’t stand lies or tyrants so don’t wish to go back Insha’Allah.

I had been putting off plans for a PhD in Islamic Studies. I have been worn out with the non-stop friction with Hasbara. Insha’Allah I am going to still participate in some local organisation with BDS and peacemaking activities but hopefully I have time for my studies and maybe homeschooling our youngest Insha’Allah!



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