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The Irony in the Story of the Two Homeless Residents of Dallas

Bismillah - I met these two gentlemen while the saga of the Jesus Saves preacher and the Muslim protestors were happening at the place of the Pro-Palestine protest, outside Dallas City Hall on October 15, 2023. I will write about that saga later insha'Allah but there were some ironies I noted in the stories of these two men. After the protest, I stopped and talked with them. Masha'Allah.

Irony 1

You can see Dallas City Hall in the background of the two gentlemen. On October 11, 2023, Dallas City Hall passed a resolution to "Stand with Israel" even after many people protested against it. I was one of them and was escorted out. Here is the NBC coverage of the event.

However, the Israeli members were able to portray Israel as the victim, with the lives of Palestinians not having any value. The resolution was accepted. The aid that has been given to Israel is $158 billion so far according to the US government's estimate. However, much higher numbers have been proposed by private agencies. I understand that Dallas City Hall was not voting on Israel's aid but such are the people who sit in federal agencies as well - who are stupefied by their Zionist colleagues - as was the case for Dallas City Hall.

Coming back to the irony part, there are about 4011 homeless people in Dallas and Collin counties. The Dallas-Fort Worth area accounts for 35% of the commercial sexual exploitation cases even though it's only 26% of the state population.

A question for the mayor:

Mayor Johnson,

This is what the two gentlemen said about you. They said, there is a "Black Man" that sits in that building as a mayor - they pointed to Dallas City Hall - but that he cares NOTHING about those that languish on the streets of Dallas. These men get their food from religious organizations - primarily Christian and Muslim but nothing from the city.

Questions for the two Jewish Council Members who couldn't stop dropping fake tears about anti-semitism (Hint: if you criticize Israel then by virtue of that one is anti-semitic):

Council Member Jaynie Schultz & Council Member Cara Mendelsohn, are you serving only the Israelis who live in Israel and Dallas or do you serve anyone else that's not Israeli? You kept talking about Israel, the Holocaust, and your representation of Jewish Dallas residents. The streets of Dallas don't show that you care. Homelessness and Sexual Exploitation are skyrocketing. It would be great if the two of you could play a role in diverting some of the billions currently channeled to Israel, back to Dallas insha'Allah. Thank you.

Question for the gay member Council Member Omar Narvaez,

You seemed to have no sympathy for Palestinians or the people that spoke for them. You explained your reason - as "a gay person", you said you feared living in "certain" places. So are you implying that your secret fears of where to live as a gay person affect your decision as a Council Member of Dallas City to make political decisions? First of all. let me tell you Sharia punishes illegal heterosexuality (Zina) and homosexuality (that is intrinsically illegal) only if there are 4 witnesses. So, Mr. Narvaez, you don't need to worry about living in a Muslim country as long 4 people don't observe you having gay sex. Secondly, stick to your duties and provide for the homeless on the streets of Dallas rather than talking about your sexual lifestyle in City Hall meetings.

Irony 2:

These men were so happy even though they had no certified food or shelter. They travel around on foot or the DART to get food. If it's cold, some places are open for them. Both of them attributed their happiness to God. It's in complete stark difference to many of us and certainly to the Apartheid State of Israel. No matter, how much land it steals from Palestinians or dollars it steals from the United States' citizens, it's never happy. It's trying to nab Gaza by spreading fake stories of decapitated Israeli babies. I am wondering if that fake story-teller from an Israeli newspaper perhaps saw aborted Israeli babies since abortion is skyrocketing in Israel. But for these two gentlemen, it seemed they had the world. I'm reminded of a saying by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

It was narrated from Salamah bin ‘Ubaidullah bin Mihsan Al-Ansari that his father said:
“The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: ‘Whoever among you wakes up physically healthy, feeling safe and secure within himself, with food for the day, it is as if he acquired the whole world.’”[Sunan Ibn Majah 4141]



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