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The 'Jesus Saves' Guy & Christians Crying when Reading The Quran!

Bismillah - right after the protest at Dallas City Hall by a 'Free Palestine' crowd on October 15, 2023, the "Jesus Saves" guy appeared. The crowd had thinned at the time and this person - let's call him JS - started loudly on his portable loud speaker device. I can't really understand his theological perspective but it seems that he was trying to say that - the people who were protesting against the genocide of Palestinians weren't saved by Jesus or had to be saved by Jesus. Mathematically, it seems his theory was either:

If Protestors Saved by Jesus = No Occurrence of Genocide of Palestinians
Or perhaps
If Palestinians Saved by Jesus = No Protestors near Dallas City Hall

Allahu Alam - Allah knows best what he was trying to imply however a small protestor crowd gathered near him. They were confused as well and asked him to clarify. The JS guy couldn't still explain what he was implying. One of the protestors tried to turn off JS's speakers, and the Dallas PD got involved. Love these guys - they see us all the time on Dallas streets and wonder what's wrong with the Dallas City Hall in passing stupid/useless resolutions. We are peaceful as heck and thousands go through the streets without harming anything or touching anything. Masha'Allah! We protest but no one listens. However, Allah listens!

They warned the person who was trying to turn off the speakers - that it was considered assault - but at the same time, trying to incite peaceful protestors with some theological perspective condoning murder didn't seem to go well either. DPD asked the JS guy to leave. Well, he left his initial spot but then he shifted to another spot. As I was passing by him, walking towards my parking lot, he was urging me (AGAIN) to let Jesus into my life. I let him know (AGAIN) that I DO have Jesus in my life.

Jesus (peace be upon him) is one of the greatest prophets of Islam - WE LOVE Jesus/Isa! But we consider him as a PROPHET and NOT a SON of God. This statement riled the JS guy up (AGAIN). He predicted that I was full of demons and that my 14-year-old daughter was ready to accept Jesus and that he could see it in her face.

A back story - my 14-year-old had tried to troll the JS guy, earlier. He was holding his "Jesus Saves" sign upside down so when we were walking by, she cutely told him that his sign was upside down. She was teasing him but the JS guy had taken that sweet gesture to be a sign to "LET IN JESUS" - whatever that is supposed to mean.

So while I stood aside (battling with my demons - Allah forbid), the JS tried to proselytize my teenager. My teenager (MJ) asked JS:

If Mary was a human, how did she give birth to a God?

SubhanAllah this is the first time MJ has done street dawah. Allahu Akbar!!!

The JS guy had no answer to how Mary gave birth to God and goes back to his "Jesus Saves" speech on the loudspeaker. This JS needs some training in STREET PREACHING. If someone asks you a theological question, either you give them an answer or you say you don't know. You DO NOT ignore the question and start shouting the same stuff on your speaker before you were asked the question.

There was this Christian security guard nearby who seemed very interested in everything that was happening. I let him know all the Islamic details about Jesus - he is a Prophet NOT the SON of GOD. He tried to tell me some of the verses from the Bible. He was like Mohammad (pbuh) copied stuff from the bible.

Muhammad (pbuh) didn't copy stuff from Judaism and Christianity - the similarity exists because it's the same Deen - Religion - that was brought to us by all prophets of God
All prophets were Muslim - a Muslim is someone who submits to the will of God
Judaism is Abrahamic Faith 101
Christianity is Abrahamic Faith 102
Islam is Abrahamic Faith 103
Abraham was neither a Jew nor a Christian; he was a Muslim, wholly devoted to God. And he certainly was not amongst those who associate others with Allah in His divinity. [Quran 3:67]

Here is my question to all of you readers:

Once a new edition of a textbook comes to you, with the newest stuff and some older stuff - some retained and some rendered obsolete, which edition would you prefer to use for your education?

I directed all of this to the security guard and further gave him a challenge to fulfill, based on the following Quranic verses [5:82-86]:

Of all men you will find the Jews and those who associate others with Allah in His divinity to be the most hostile to those who believe; and you will surely find that of all people they who say: 'We are Christians', are closest to feeling affection for those who believe. This is because there are worshipful priests and monks among them and because they are not arrogant.
And when they hear what has been revealed to the Messenger you see that their eyes overflow with tears because of the Truth that they recognize and they say: 'Our Lord! We do believe; write us down, therefore, with those who bear witness (to the Truth).
And why should we not believe in Allah and the Truth which has come down to us when we do fervently desire that our Lord include us among the righteous?'
So Allah rewarded them for these words with Gardens beneath which rivers flow so that they would abide there for ever. Such is the reward of the people who do good.
But those who disbelieved and denied Our signs - they are the companions of Hellfire.

So I told this to the security guard:

"Go home tonight, open the Quran copy you have, seek protection from the Shaitaan/Satan first, and read the verses of the Quran. You, as a Christian, have been described in our holy book to be the closest to us and to cry when you read the Quran. I challenge you to do as told and see if you cry or not."

Let's pray that the security guard did what I told him to do. A'meen.

It was a fulfilling day. Alhumdulilah. Masha'Allah La Quwatta Illah Billah!


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